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Food Entrepreneurs

Together we will solve the issue of food deserts, an underutilization of local foods, and lack of shared-use commercial kitchens.

Our foundation is dedicated to
empowering food entrepreneurs and transforming communities. With our 6888 Kitchen Incubator, we provide state-of-the-art facilities, mentorship programs, and access to capital. Our goal is to shape the future of the culinary industry, foster economic growth, and revolutionize the way we think about food. Join us in making a positive impact!

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The "Six Triple Eight"

Paying respect to American heroes

The 6888th was the first and only all Black Female Women Army Corps (WAC) unit to be deployed overseas during WWII.


The unit was active from 1945 to 1946 and consisted of 855 women under the Command of Major Charity Adams (resident of Dayton OH), Captains Mary F. Kearney and Bernice G. Henderson.

Explore the Collection

Show your love, while making a difference. Shop our 6888 Kitchen Incubator merchandise store. All proceeds go towards the foundation. 

Woman, Minority, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned

6888 Kitchen Founders

For Inquires or if you are a potential kitchen tenant, please contact us!

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